BLaKe MyErs

If you’ve read the interview with Blake Myers I did in the latest KiwiSurf you’ll know the lucky bugger’s vid-cam skills are in high demand from the best in the business. I also stated in his interview intro that his backhand was probably stonger than his forehand. Well check these shots of Blake on his forehand….not too shabby either┬áreally…He’s defintely talented…but come on the whole KWT alternative fashion gig is pretty whack….cardigans and old-man leather tramping boots?! WTF. Even SGC aint gone there yet… And Harwood did go the bearded woodsman look for awhile… Hang those boots up lad…

Ok, i’m only joking. I dont really know much about fashion, I’m all black tees, straight leg jeans, goatee and a shaved head. The KWT team probably laugh at me for my bad fashion sense. But seriously cardigans and tramping boots?

All those days wearing Grandpa's tramping boots left blake with a lack of foot glue on the tailpad.

This is the sequence from Blake's mag shot..


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