BLaKe MyErs

If you’ve read the interview with Blake Myers I did in the latest KiwiSurf you’ll know the lucky bugger’s vid-cam skills are in high demand from the best in the business. I also stated in his interview intro that his backhand was probably stonger than his forehand. Well check these shots of Blake on his forehand….not too shabby eitherĀ really…He’s defintely talented…but come on the whole KWT alternative fashion gig is pretty whack….cardigans and old-man leather tramping boots?! WTF. Even SGC aint gone there yet… And Harwood did go the bearded woodsman look for awhile… Hang those boots up lad…

Ok, i’m only joking. I dont really know much about fashion, I’m all black tees, straight leg jeans, goatee and a shaved head. The KWT team probably laugh at me for my bad fashion sense. But seriously cardigans and tramping boots?

All those days wearing Grandpa's tramping boots left blake with a lack of foot glue on the tailpad.

This is the sequence from Blake's mag shot..


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