Meet Marco…

Uruguay (and Brazilian based) surfer Marco Giorgi is currently travelling around NZ trying to get clips in the bank for his final offering for the now famous INNERSECTION competition. Yes the same comp that Luke Cederman has finalised in. Marco happens to be one of Ricardo Christie’s friends on the ‘QS and it was Ric that suggested he head to NZ to get some clips. Unfortunately The land of the Long White cloud has also been the land of the hard to get clip with dodgy conditions dogging the lads so far. Braedon Williams and Nick ‘Hung-like-a-peanut’ Stanley have been playing tour guides and spoon-partners in the cramped campervan.

The lads have travelled the coro, Tara’s, Rag’s and back to the Coro. Thats a lot of mileage. End of the week should bring them some clips though.

Marco grabs one in the cold water of Hotwater...

While few in NZ would have heard of Marco (To be honest I hadnt), He placed 3rd at the Oneill Tasmania Coldwater Classic, even beating Jordy Smith on his way to his semis placing. A worthy scalp, and one he is proud of and deservedly so.

Marco must be hooting to have Braedon as his tour guide...

Marco's filmer is the Famous frenchman Luic. He is very fond of the local birdlife...

Making the most of the tiny conditions.

With a couple more days up their sleeve before the innersection clips have to be posted, the lads should finally find some favourable conditions….


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