Trippin’ to Gissy Part 1


It was a long time between drinks so to speak when it came to me visiting Gisborne. It must have been close to 15yrs since I last ventured that way. From memory my last visit was with Luke Millen when he was repping clothes for Hot Buttered. We scored fun waves at the Mount then busted our daggy dancing skills out at a Gisborne pub- much to the disgust of the large unfriendly locals. That was circa ’97. Gosh time flies when you getting old.

Leaving Whanga at some ungodly early hour I arrived at the Mount just as a red ball of fire rose above the ocean. I kept on trekking, I had plans of stopping at a few spots on the way to get some random shots…

One spot I stopped at had the most mental little two footers breaking with not a soul in sight bar the seagulls. I’m heading back here when the swell is slightly bigger….

My next stop was Opotiki to try find a secondhand shop. I’m a self confessed Radio Live talkback addict. With no ipod, no cd player and only a tapedeck and reception to talkback crackling I was need of a tape for the long haul through that tedious yet pretty gorge.

All I managed to score was a Country and Western greatest hit tape that was made in the ’80’s. By the time I hit Gissy I’d be wearing a Stetson hat and wrangling a bull….

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5 Responses to Trippin’ to Gissy Part 1

  1. Andy says:

    mmmm gotta love those Pies winkwink

  2. Bunkers Spreckles says:

    had hair on our heads then not our backs!

  3. greenlantern says:

    bro theres no way thats 2ft!! You been living in whanga too long haha…Sick pics tho bro, mind surf feasting!!!!!!

  4. DiggaSURF says:

    No need to get all hawaiian on us Lantern. It was at least two Hobbit feet.

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