Trade Me abused….

Check out the bad taste of some clown who two days after Andy Irons dies he tries to cash in on a fin signed by Andy himself. The trade me listing caught the eye of The Green Lantern who then gave him a serving and thus getting blacklisted on Trade Me, Greeny then mentioned it on FaceBook and then everyone gave the guy a serving for his disrespect. I’m pretty sure Andy will be dishing up the seller a lifetime of closeouts and shark encounters from the other side.

 R.I.P Andy.

Andy Irons signed surfboard fin. Very rare.

  • Winning bid: $600.00
  • Reserve met Reserve met 
  • Closed: Sat 6 Nov 2010, 1:07 pm
  • Listing #: 329425355

This is a classic longboard fin signed by Andy Irons, now sadly deceased, Mark Occhilupo and Sunny Garcia from when they all made guest surfing appearances at Piha in New Zealand in 2005.

Following the sad and tragic death this week of Andy Irons, this signature is now priceless.

A must-have collector’s item for any true surfing fan with autographs from three of the world’s great surfers.

Photo proof available of the boys signing the fin. Photo of the fin coming soon.

This highly collectable item is now one of the few of its kind in the world.

NB: Only relevant and appropriate questions will be answered.

Please read the questions and answers for this auction.

How do you feel trying to cash in on the recent death of Andy? Have you no shame? Your fin isnt worth shit and I think you should withdraw this auction out of respect…. the_green (3 )  4:36 pm, Thu 4 Nov

Question: where does the buck stop? piha111 (5 )  5:01 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Answer: I give in… where does the buck stop? Is this like a chiken crossing the road sort of question…. 5:42 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: nothing like showing your respect by cashing in aye! jabes1 (41 )  6:03 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: Bro WTF have some respect .!!!! this is not cool at all trust a piha bot to do this .!!!DOOCHE hoon69 (5 )  6:27 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: bad taste buddy 1901 (42 )  6:27 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: This is SUCH BAD TASTE. Shame on you. sez26 (78 )  6:38 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: Seller Comment: As per the commentary above….. Only approprate and relevant questions will be answered. All other time-wasting questions will be duly ignored. 6:42 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: I can’t believe you are trying to make money of someones death, that is so immoral. Many people are grieving over this sad loss and to see something like this doesn’t help. framed4 (45 )  6:46 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: remove this shit bro zander5 (29 )  7:15 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: bad bad taste arsnel cpl1 (4 )  7:26 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: thisis really bad form, show some respect for the legend that he was and his grieving family – at least give it a bit of time if you really have to cash in on a tragic death emmal25 (20 )  8:20 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: Seller Comment: Yaddy yaddy yaddy. Yawn yawn yawn. Guys, your comments are boring. Buy some steel and a tool kit, build a bridge, then get over it. 9:12 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: not cool mate, i would be pulling this off for a while.. can only imagine the abuse you are getting!! aro2 (16 )  9:33 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: have some respect! at least sell it in a couple months not 2 days after he dies. ripper26 (6 )  9:53 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: you should be ashamed of your money grubbing self. some things you just don’t use as a way to scrounge some cheap bucks. linden11 (67 )  10:26 pm, Thu 4 Nov
Question: Seller Comment: So heartening and touching to see you all love Andy so much. Now, if you really love him that much, you would of course want a memento to cherish for the rest of your lives. So bid up bid up people…. Don’t be shy now – I know many of your are passionate (although not necessarily literate). This is the only fin of its kind in the country so you are guaranteed to secure a piece of history. Love you all…… 7:55 am, Fri 5 Nov
Question: Burn in hell faggot. Learn some respect you fucking kook. I bet you can hardly even do a turn. Did I mention you’re a fuckwit? wonkothesane (9 )  1:06 pm, Sat 6 Nov

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2 Responses to Trade Me abused….

  1. Triso says:

    Good job, what a twat.

  2. seal pup says:

    Some people will do anything for money! I have Andys signature on my wall and there it shell stay, it is on a photo of me busting an air. I was over the moon He signed it. Full Respect…

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