Whanga Bar- The November Swell

Check out the latest Kiwi Surf for the local’s perspective on where the Bar is at now and why it has been so bad. This groundswell in November produced a few gems and the Bar had some actual form. It was by no means epic tubes like it should have been (although a few scored themselves a couple that stayed open enough to come out), but it had started to peel through again which it hadn’t done for a very long time…

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT…  a friendly message to out-of-towners. Sitting on the shoulder and wishfully paddling for a wave while someone is locked in a tube just pushes the section down, ruins the tube and definitely wont make you any friends. Only paddle for a wave if no-one is on it or in it.


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One Response to Whanga Bar- The November Swell

  1. seal pup says:

    So keen to surf this wave when it’s on fire.

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