Noelza’s 1-2-3 – The Crazy Black-Tooth Wombat Air

Me ol’ mate Noelza Santorick has been experimenting with a new air move. So tricky is this air that it actually requires the rider to have both feet in the hang ten postion on the tails rail near the side fin. Definitely not one for the groms or inexperienced to attempt. I caught up with Noelza briefly to see what the guts is with his new move…

So Leon whats with your new move?

Hey Digs, well it’s just something i’ve been working on for the 2011 Kustom airstrike. Most of the air guys these days have these really wide poo-stances when they punt. I thought I’d try come up with a narrower stanced air. I was kinda inspired by the Jamacian bob-sled team from that movie ‘Cool Runnings’. You know feet together, going fast, heaps of ‘erb and style. The tricky part is the landing as you are postioned right on the tail, you are also really near the fins which is a worry for fin cuts etc.

So how many have you pulled?

What girls or wombats?

We’re talking about airs so obviously the wombat air…

Oh sweet, well the answers pretty much the same for both…not many and the finishing has always been abit awkward and messy.

How many have you got on video?

You’ll just have to what and see. The Wombat Air will be going viral on youtube real soon!!


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One Response to Noelza’s 1-2-3 – The Crazy Black-Tooth Wombat Air

  1. Buttons says:

    What about the remainder of the sequence? Does he pull this futuristic new move off? So many unanswered questions… Not wanting to blow my own trumpet but I have pulled a few of these before, but I throw in a half heelflip too and ride out fins up. Makes it more challenging.

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