Scott Bell – Got’s Sum Ticker

A good 3ft of lip.

Ya gotta want it to negotiate this sort of shorebreak for fun.

Some people want heavy waves. Some don’t. Some people come up laughing when a 6ft slab slams them into a sandbank. Some people just don’t want that beating. I know I don’t, I aint afraid to call that. Scotty Bell is one of those guys that just froths on a round keg. Doesn’t matter if he aint comin’ out. He wants in. This session at The Toa was kinda dangerous. Cyclone Wilma hit mid morning on the  East. 3ft to 6ft(plus+) in a space of an hour. My mate Honeycombe came in from the session and said “How’s that Scott Bell guys form?! He was trying to touch the roof on 6ft closeouts in two feet of water, what a nutter!!”

Pfft. I eat sand for breakfast...


Scotty gettin skunked by bodyboarder.

Frothy Monster

Slabby hand dragger..


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