Monday with Scozza


It was a bit of a frustrating day.  First off I forgot it was Valentines Day. Poor Ange had to watch me get up, go outside, have a durrie and a coffee then come inside and hear a tv ad proclaiming it was Valentines Day. I looked at her and relised she had been waiting for at least a Valentines peck not “Oh shit is it Valentines today…!?!”  I rectified the forgetfulness with a bunch of red roses when I swooped into town. Then I went for a paddle on the Bar on the 6’9 single fin. It was my first surf on the Bar since blowing both knees out last May. I went for a drop wallet and niggled the right knee. Awesome. Short surf. Went to work sanded a board then hit the cove to shoot with Scozza. The swell was there…the banks weren’t. Anyways below is what we got…. Nothing really mag worthy but a few worth showing ya’s…


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5 Responses to Monday with Scozza

  1. Nick Macca says:

    Hahaha digs..I’m Ange will forgive, but not forget!! and Go Matty!

  2. seal pup says:

    shot Scozza, you rip mate!

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