Introducing Ashe Pollock – Underground Coro Ripper

Ashe locked into one of many pits he got this session...

You’ve probably never heard of Ashe. I know I hadn’t. The only way I found out his name was through a little detective work. I recognised his board and spray, I had done it awhile back at Pete Andersons factory. He has a large”No 1080″ written on his board(a reference to the hazardous 1080 poison used on possums). We rocked at the break featured here and watched Ashe get some nice shacks as we walked down the beach. Ashe brought some of his shots off me so I thought it was only fair to give him some bang for his buck and make him famous in web land!

Lad knows how to smash it too!

Ashe was probably gutted we rocked up! He had this bank pretty much to himself before our arrival.

Ashe didnt mind the overhead sets either...


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3 Responses to Introducing Ashe Pollock – Underground Coro Ripper

  1. Bouma and harly and henfrog says:

    Young Harley arse turk, eats the arse out of a pregnant abbo, getting his gem spots posted on the webb, I tounge arse kunt. howw ya gooiin!! im harley toung bum churrr

  2. harley says:

    pull ya head in mark bouma no need ta write that noncince

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