Seriously lads…..W.T.F?!!!

I had to speak to my solicitor before making this post. As long as I dont mention names nor make any jokes about sexual preferences or have a full viewable/recognisable face I am safe to print these pics… But seriously lads?!?! What were you two up to on that romantic walk to the beach?!


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8 Responses to Seriously lads…..W.T.F?!!!

  1. hughsey says:


  2. hughsey says:


  3. Fransje says:

    I don’t know how high the homophobe meter reads for you Digga, but incase I need to qualify this post, I’m about as hetro as it gets. I’m not going to comment on whether I think it’s right or wrong for the lads to be doing what it APPEARS, nor would I judge how you or anyone else would feel about it.
    But I’m thinking you would feel pretty stink if 5 redneck white trash hillbilly locals recognised the guys from your pics and took it upon themselves to do a bit of serious Thursday afternoon gay bashing.
    Even though you got the nod from your solicitor to be legally clear, perhaps it’s time you gave a thought about the power of your site, and about your own moral responsibility. Do you want to have a website that breeds hate?
    Do the right thing bro.
    Besides which, I subscribed to your posts because I like to see choice shots of the waves around the Coro where I grew up. I’m a long way from there now.

  4. Rod says:

    Fransje stop talking shit and put a f*#king cork in it

  5. george says:

    are they actually togehter or are you taking the piss

    • DiggaSURF says:

      nah just a bad angle that looked like something was happening, they actually not that way inclined

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