Eric Geisleman

With the Oneill WQS in Gisborne attracting hordes of international surfers to our fair shores. Kiwis were treated with some damn fine surfing displays all over our north island. One afternoon after work I went to check the beach at Whanga and the likes of Cory Lopez, Roy Powers, Nat Young and (Featured below) american Eric Geisleman were out ripping it up. One move Eric did was bloody insane. Sorry cant show it yet as I’m hoping an international mag will pick it up. But here’s a slow shutter speed air reverse I shot just on dark. Guy rips it hard… And his name rhymes with Deisel…..mmmmm Deisel….

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2 Responses to Eric Geisleman

  1. greenlantern says:

    haha sick, hows the grommie dropping in is just oblivious to whats going on behind him…Diesel will power your car Diggs….

  2. seal pup says:

    Fuckin slick air, how’s the wax tap…

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