Leon Santorik – Trainee Pirate

Oi Oi Me matey's...

Leon is studying at the moment. I’m not sure what course he is doing. My guess is an acting class….so he can get a part in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie ‘The Tale of Black Tooth Cove’. He cant come shooting tomorrow, assignments are due. I’m guessin’ his assignment is on how to walk with a peg leg and the art of walking the plank (which shouldnt be confused with public wanking otherwise known as Planking, Leon dont roll like that).  Here’s a sequence of Captain Santorik hiding the treasure at Toa Cove.


Leon unleashes his new move "The Swashbuckler Slice"


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One Response to Leon Santorik – Trainee Pirate

  1. seal pup says:

    mahahhaha, ’The Tale of Black Tooth Cove’

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