I Am Goblin- The Greenland Project

"My Maa alwaays told me life is like a box of chocolates..."

As a surfer and a photographer, one would presume I know my shiz when it comes to swell and weather forecasts. I kinda do… but when you start talking to Greeny (Paul Greenland) about the afformentioned, well it is kinda like being the small endowed guy at the urinal at the pub, inadequate and out of your league. I’ve never been out-endowed at a pub urinal but I have heard from Greeny that it’s embarrasing. I don’t even really need to check the Bouy reports, If it is going to be on I get a detailed analysis via skype, text or FBook from Greeny 3 days before anyone else is in the know. The lad knows his shit.  A lot like his mate Napes and fins really. I’ve made boards most my life but Napes is talking tech fin shit only Slater and a NASA scientist would understand. Must be something in the water out West Aucks that’s breeding some weird surfing periphial savants… Lucky they surf ok too. Nothing worse than a surfing know-it-all that surfs like Jadson Andre switchfoot after an all night bender on cactus juice.

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Greeny is starting up his own website called AucklandSurf. He will have web cams and some bloody detailed surf reports and predictions operational soon. Something that can be quite lacking at times on other sites. Here’s Greeny giving his surf report for Piha yesterday and also a bit of cheek to his future competition…

…and no he isnt Forrest Gump as the first photo on this post suggests, The Goblin has been mucking around with one of those Go-Pro’s with some ok results. This clip below is from the same day as some of the photos….

Anyway Greeny just got given a shit load of free beer so this is the only reason he getting such mad props on my site…..

Just joking, I dont drink beer.


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6 Responses to I Am Goblin- The Greenland Project

  1. napalmninja says:

    yeeooww…..good work fullas. Looks like that G-pro positioning is cockifying the laminar flow path and disrupting your boundary layers leading to trailing edge cavitation, your going to get some serious surface fatigue and loss of forehead lift in the tube bro, perhaps increase the aspect ratio with a trailing edge GoPro fixed bulkhead foil over the head to improve the laminar flow path and stop the housing being so viscous and loosing traction… aka spit Goblin nose! Good to see youve tucked your ears in to stop those localised eddy currents around base of your lobes, forms a nice smooth 50-50 DavidTua foil. Should even extend past Terminal velocity piece of cake with those updates Cuzzy 🙂 Now were the fuck did i put my cactus juice….

  2. Greenlantern says:

    aaaaahhhhahahahaha fuck off napes…next level ranting right there! Cactus at mine bro, could be a good UFO display later on if this dose is as strong as I think it is 😀

  3. NOD YAB says:

    hahaha, thermonuclear explosion right their! BOOM! That is a classic napalm waft. I will not even attempt to write after that. END!

  4. seal pup says:

    Shot Green Goblin…! Classic words ninja…! good one Digga ! =)
    Pumping waves yesterday in a small window of time at the now semi – famous furry toes. got absolutely smashed and snapped a fin out on my leg. just about dislocated my shoulder running down the beach, tripped on a log and fell flat on my face. K got 1 decent shack sequence & i snapped a beaut left.
    now where the fuck did i put my mushies….

  5. napalmninja says:

    “just about dislocated my shoulder running down the beach, tripped on a log and fell flat on my face” lololololololo! all time viewing i suspect. Dam i knew Fury toes would be perfecto with the conditions…. should have put the effort in eh!!!!

  6. seal pup says:

    For the record when i said where the fuck are my mushies, i was referring to shiitake…
    Don’t want anyone to get messed up…

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