Smells Like Fire…

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If it looks like fire, smells like fire and you can see smoke and cant escape it then there is a good chance you will be getting burnt. Greeny’s smoke alarm was set off on this wave. Burn baby, burn. I felt for Greeny but have been guilty myself of the burning dished up by local at the spot Mark Wiper. It’s not nice to stuff someone while they are in the tube but locals get to take their pick. Me thinks Greeny might have done the same in the AK region. He will say he wouldnt have but…..well who knows. Lads had words, but were seen chatting friendly post surf. Both Greeny and Mark nailed some mental sequences later that arvo so everyone left a happy camper. Still cant believe Hahei gets that good….



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16 Responses to Smells Like Fire…

  1. CoroTurkey says:

    Hahei, yeah right!

  2. Greenlantern says:

    fuck I would NEVER EVER EVER fucken burn some one in the tube. NEVER!!! Even if its the wave of the year at my favourite spot and its someone Ive never seen I wouldnt do that. Just not fucken cool….

  3. CoroTurkey says:

    Burn all outsiders I reckon

  4. CoroTurkey says:

    and fuck outsiders, coming to our local

  5. DiggaSURF says:

    Is Coro Turkey Mr Wiper? (from hahei)

  6. CoroTurkey says:

    why do outsiders wnna bring photogs to our beaches, stay away

  7. John says:

    Haha Greeny still going on about this one thats classic. Mark is one of the nicest guys ever so theres no way he would even bother posting stuff like that. Mr Turkey sounds like a kook, comments like that are embarrasing for the people that actually live at this spot. Even if Turkey does happen to live there I bet he didn’t even go out that day.

  8. DiggaSURF says:

    Hey Turkey, “those outsiders” didnt bring me the photog to ‘your’ beach. I came up with one person from Whanga. Those ‘guys’ just happen to be able to read a surf report like every other monkey in the country and worked out that that spot would be good as did the other two other car loads of outer-towners. Next time I’m up that way you are welcome to come up to me and tell me to fuck off with my camera….

  9. Greenlantern says:

    I used to be a little C@nt in the surf back in the days when I was an angry young man at my home break Te Henga, but after travelling extensively in the last 10 years I have come to realise that having an attitude like Turkey’s is just backward. Surfers are travellers and if you dont travel, then youre not really a surfer. I hope when I go somewhere that the locals are cool, and will let me surf with them and have a few waves, just as visitors to NZ expect the same. Its a hard thing when youre surfing a packed, tight wave and its crowded, but still the waves belong to no one. The coast belongs to no one. Just cos my left nut started tingling 10 days before that swell made landfall, does that give me any more rights to waves in that swell? No, of course it doesnt. Local knowledge and positioning should get surf who put time in at a spot, waves, not being angry or selfish. If youre good enough to put your self in a good spot to catch a wave without blatantly taking it off some one else then its your wave. Simple. If one comes to you and your sitting there being patient, its your wave. We should just be thatnkful that we still live in a place with an abundance of empty, good waves and you can always go up or down the coast and score it to yaself. So hopefully Turkey you open your narrow mind, and if, or when, you go travelling, you get faded by fat angry Mal riders all day and back-paddled by little girls with big angry Hawaiian Fathers and see what its like on the receiving end of your ‘localism’…. You may be a local bro, but youre still just a fucking kook…

  10. DiggaSURF says:

    Thanks Giving is still a fair way away and all ready the Turkey has been roasted and served a dishing..

  11. LM says:


  12. LM...... says:

    Oki doki…
    Two days ago a surfer who lives locally at Tairua told me to check out Diggas Blog
    Re: “The Drop In!!!!!!!!!”

    I glanced at the blog yesterday, cracking up how bizarre it is that its still being bleated about over a week after the DROP IN occurred.

    Had a chat with Digga today and he inspired me to have a thorough read of the blog deposits, shivers its even ClassicER when you actually read the whole lot.

    Get over it….

    “You may be a local bro, but youre still just a fucking kook…”

    Heavy thing to say Paul…..

    If there was a pecking order based on surfers ability out there last Friday………well yea.

    Coro Turkey isn’t Mark..

    I gave Mark a ring to let him know how famous he had become.
    He was totally unaware of Diggas Blog and couldn’t believe all the hype over a drop in.
    When I spoke to Mark tonight it was actually the first time he had even thought about that surf.

    This is what Mark has to say about the drop in.

    ” I thought that the guy yelled out go bro , not, no! no!!! Sorry ….”

    Neat …….


  13. DiggaSURF says:

    Mark is definitely not CoroTurkery. Did some investigating and CoroTurkey’s IP address is closely linked to websites like Men who Fantasise About Dogs, Erotic Men In Spandex, and worst of all People who Wank with Turkey pretty much doesnt visit any surf sites…which is disturbing for me as he visited mine and I work with sandpaper at the surfboard factory. Im kinda freaking out a little now.

  14. WypZ says:

    Hey greeny just want to publicly apologise for the drop in. I owe you one. Peace

    • Greenlantern says:

      Hey bro all good man, shit happens!! And I wasnt saying ‘You may be a local but you’re still a kook’ to you either, that was directed at whoever that turkey fuck-stain is posting comments above…funny how one little wave got this much attention haha..chur bro, catch ya down there soon!! Come up these ways if you need a break from the coro lake, been pumping for a week straight now!!

  15. Just be thankful Wayne Norman wasn’t out there……..

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