DiggaSurf Caption Contest #2

Greeny drove away from the first DiggaSurf Caption Contest with a brand new Ferrari for first prize. Ok it was actually a ferrari red thong but he seemed happy nonetheless.

This time write your captions on the blog and not on FaceBook as per the rules.  We have Morehu and an on-looker this post… Whats your wittiest comment…


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Writer and photographer
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3 Responses to DiggaSurf Caption Contest #2

  1. seal pup says:

    Where aren’t they riding sustainable eco friendly surfboards?

  2. seal pup says:

    or how about, well everyones asleep im gonna go body surfing and get eaten by a shark or step on a stingray….

  3. 11footwave says:

    Winner of the best hat award at the Royal Wedding.

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