Scozza Causes Riots, Braedon Eats Nasi Goreng

Matty Scozz has been galavanting around the world for the last few months with his girlfriend Casey. Their FaceBook updates are enough to make you turn green. But I think that might just be the cheesy hippy filter on their i-phone. Rumour has it they caused the riots in Greece, and may have possibly been the cause of the UK riots too. It seems everywhere they travel riots break out. They are now in Indo, so lets hope mayhem doesnt break out in Kuta like the time Peggsy, Silas and Braedon went to Kuta McD’s and Breadon found out the they were closed and the latest shipment of beng-beng bars was held up in customs and he was forced to eat a nasi goreng at a near by warung….

Here’s Matt and Breadon getting Indo like runners on the East Coast earlier this year. No riots, no goreng, no banchongs and no expats turned yocal locals.  It might not have been as intense as Padang but with only 3 out who’s complaining….

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