Single is All Goods..

Single Rangi. Single Fin. Rangi riding a 6’6 single fin made by Pete Anderson. The board was originally made for Luke Harwood years ago. Luke even drove down from Auckland to make sure I got the whitened yellow just the right shade when I sprayed it. That was around the time Luke was just dabbling in the fashion world. Luke along with Dan Gosling and Marc Moore have definitely gone places since then. Rangi is definitely cut from a similar mold, fashion is NOT what Joe Blogs is wearing at the beach. Regardless of single fins being in fashion, any tube  you get that spits you out is a ‘cat walk show’ worth remembering. What happened to the cherished single fin on the next wave is not up for discussion…lets just say boards with broken noses bent way out of shape dont get the call up for the cat walk anymore….

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  1. seal pup says:

    wooden boards is all goods….

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