A picture says a thousand words. I wont write an essay for this photo…but a few captions for each person wont hurt. Feel free to add your own in the comment section. Each person is numbered…

(1) “I can’t believe AJ has been staring at himself for so long in that reflection on his car…”

(2) “I cant believe you mistook super glue for hair gel Tane…”

(3) “Dont tell, me, I look pale in the Whale Bay carpark grommet, I’ll toss you like a dwarf…”

(4) “Bring your smart mouth to Whanga ‘Mr. Ghost Face’, then we’ll see who gets tossed…”

(5) “Hey Manu, I think I really need some scissors…”

(6) “Damn I’m a handsome human being, these sunnies really suit me…”


About DiggaSURF

Writer and photographer
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3 Responses to Captions

  1. Nandies says:

    Billabong Team manager organises road trip, only takes one board. Disappointment follows.

  2. if you look closely you’ll see aj is about to bust into a moonwalk.ha ha.

  3. and grommett number one is slightly out of sync,but ruling with a crotch grab.c’mon aj,concentrate..

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