The Trip to XYZ


I shot this last year and forgot about it, the mag didnt bite for the shots, and they just sat on my hardrive, I was looking for some other photos before and stumbled upon the folder.  So here they are in their entirety. Featured are Troy Riley, Ricky Parker and Karl Aarsen. She’s a long ol’ walk in and a steep one back out. One part of the walk is like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, you have to jump across a small crevass and you are on a heavily slanted dune face. The sands starts falling away under your feet and dropping into the 15ft drop below, you have to scuttle to get to position where you arent under threat of dropping into the little ravine. I’m not a fan of heights and to be honest I was kind peaking a bit doing this part of the walk; I was loaded up with cam gear and felt top heavy. Anyway once we were there you had to scale down a massive bank to get to sea level. Fun and games for anyone that suffers from vertigo. There’s a good reason why noone really goes here.


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