My First Cover

The latest Kiwi Surf is hitting stands about now. As a photographer it is always a goal to get your shot used on the cover of a mainstream publication. I’m pretty chuffed as the latest cover is mine. Good mate Leon Santorik is the surfer. The wave is shot from the lagoon in the Valley. I actually hate shooting at Raglan, it can be really hard lighting wise, especially in the arvo. So it’s quite ironic that my first cover photo is at a wave I really dislike shooting. As a surfer it was always a goal to get a shot of yourself surfing on the cover and about 5years ago I ticked that box off when I featured on the cover of NZSM, now I’ve ticked off my photographic goal and got the cover of KSM. I’m Hooting!!

Grab a copy of the mag when it comes out! Ive also got an 8 page spread on a secret spot and a 6 page spread on a Raglan trip. Yew. Many thanks to Steve, Lynne and the crew at KSM!!


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5 Responses to My First Cover

  1. Wingman says:

    Mint bro!!

  2. napalmninja says:

    yeeaaahhhhhhhhh diggs 🙂 Ninja

  3. J says:

    congrats! Always like checking your shots of back home in NZ

  4. Dooma says:

    Best cover of a kiwi mag for a very longtime. Sick shot digga/Noel.

  5. DiggaSURF says:

    Shot!! cheers guys!

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