Between The Rain

Talking about the weather is your go to when having random conversations with random people. You walk into a shop…

“Pretty bad rain last night huh?!”,

“Yeah it’s been real wet this month..”.

“Worst August in memory….”.

“Yeah forsure…”

“Hate to see my power bill, my clothes dryer been running on overtime…”

“Yeah, same…”

Haven’t been shooting alot because of the weather but here’s 24 shots from the last 48hrs. And yes it has rained inbetween these shoots.



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Writer and photographer
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3 Responses to Between The Rain

  1. napalmninja says:

    might by a toaster with all those air points eh

  2. napalmninja says:

    maybe buy one also 🙂 hahawooops

  3. Lilo says:

    Dear Digga, i love your blog, i would love it even more if you put more pictures of the talented Ella Williams.


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