Bitten By A Bat…

It happened in the cave at Uluwatu, or so the story goes. It was just on dusk, Ryan Heath was making his way back from a late evening session at Racetracks. The very last rays of light were barely illuminating the stairs back up. Everything went eerily quiet, even the sound of the indian ocean waves crashing on the reef were silent. Ryan heard a rustle above, something fluttered past his eyes in the dim light….Then BANG. A stabbing pain in his neck. “What the fark!!” he thought. He swiped at his neck and hit a small leathery object, it made a screeching squeal and took off. Ryan reached for his neck and felt  small welts and the ooze of fresh blood… For days after he was dizzy. Sun hurt his eyes. Small mice looked like a nice meal. He decided to come back to NZ. His surfing had changed he noticed. He was taking to the air all the time, it didnt matter if his board wasnt with him. He felt free. Free to fly…..

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3 Responses to Bitten By A Bat…

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  3. Tarah says:

    I personally wanted to present this blog, “Bitten By A Bat |
    DiggaSurf” along with my own close friends on twitter.
    I actuallyjust desired to distributed your outstanding posting!
    Thanks, Susanne

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