Sequence- Grimmo

Here’s a sequence of Adam Grimson on our last day in Tahiti, It was raining like the proverbial Noah’s ark flood. It was also as wobbly and lumpy as a Kardashian thigh. But in between the maelstrom there were a few very rough diamonds to be found.  Grimmo should work in a jeweller’s as he was the only one to find the real diamonds.

Grimmo-Digga©-6860 Grimmo-Digga©-6861 Grimmo-Digga©-6862 Grimmo-Digga©-6863 Grimmo-Digga©-6864 Grimmo-Digga©-6865 Grimmo-Digga©-6866 Grimmo-Digga©-6867 Grimmo-Digga©-6868 Grimmo-Digga©-6869 Grimmo-Digga©-6870 Grimmo-Digga©-6871 Grimmo-Digga©-6872 Grimmo-Digga©-6873 Grimmo-Digga©-6874 Grimmo-Digga©-6875 Grimmo-Digga©-6876


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