Daniel ‘Digga’ Davie


As always having to show Maz how to bury rail.

As always having to show Maz how to bury rail.

WELCOME….digga1Yip thats me in the middle. And yip those are two good mates either side of me, they happen to enjoy rehydration of the liver too, probably not as much as me though. I’ve started this blog to show some of my images, share funny musings, maybe get a little snarky,  a little opinionated and maybe ruffle a few feathers but mostly it’ll just be images to check out. There will be a few different pages dedicated to different things. Stay tuned. If you want to discuss any of my ramblings or photos go hard in the comment section. And if you want to email me try diggasurf@slingshot.co.nz  or danieldavie@hotmail.com . Cheers Digga.

Now that's what ya call Blue Steel...

Now that’s what ya call Blue Steel…

30/6/09–Well the sites been a up a week so far, it has been a bit of fun putting it together and adding posts. The feedback has been positive and site traffic is exceeding expectations.Cool, stoked chuffed and other rank fluffy stuff.. As I go thru my photo files I keep getting ideas, so keep checking as I will be updating pretty much daily. Sweet, time for a quiet woodstock or four, laters Digga

Of course I farking landed it....on my head at the bottom of the wave...

Of course I farking landed it….on my head at the bottom of the wave…

Yes I know what you're thinkin it is very similar to Tom Curren's famous logo-less board Hawaii shot.. What can i say...

Yes I know what you’re thinkin my turn is very similar to Tom Curren’s famous logo-less board Hawaii shot.. What can i say…

1/11/09—-Well, well well….Ihave hit the 10,000+ hit mark already. Obviously there are some people that are liking my stuff or just some really vain people that like looking at their shots, bit of both I hope!


10 Responses to Daniel ‘Digga’ Davie

  1. matt honeycombe says:

    blue steel

  2. CPL says:

    ummm red, bloodshot bronze :)….loving the site diggs, nice work bro.

  3. DiggaSURF says:

    Cheers Mister C 🙂

  4. larry loggins says:

    shake hands with the devil

  5. DiggaSURF says:

    I have shaken your hand before Loggins, it was clamy and sweaty..

  6. leroy brown says:

    well diggy youv found that space 2 put all the stuff that cluttas up yr place.nice.

  7. aaro grylls says:

    crosby lighting the fire under our ars*s. you see that barrel on MSW @ whanga looked serious?
    i heard matty scoz went out after a long sabatical, slapped it and gapped it as per usual- best luck for a quick recoverery ehoa!!!

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  9. mr bear says:

    wow, random, rad site bro, hows my frankenstein monster 6star coming along? no hurry mate


  10. Johnny Wood says:

    Hey digger jdub here, hope all is good with you.
    Im having a website designed atm and the designer put a photo up on the home page as an example it turns out it is one of your photos of a guy in a barrel at matakana island, it looks like a sydney beachie wave, nice photo any chance I can use it? let me know bro, totally understand if its a no.

    cheers jdub

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